Friday, January 14, 2011

Temple Lights, Cookie Party, Nativity, Christmas Eve and Christmas

Long title, but I am so far behind and it is all such a blur I don't know where to start so I am going to just do it all together. We flew into AZ at midnight of the 19th of December. It was a rough flight, but a lot better than an two day drive. Monday night we went to the Temple lights, for family night. Tuesday night we had the Stewart family Christmas party dinner at my sister Beth's house. Wednesday we did a lot of shopping for the upcoming holiday. It is so much fun to spend Christmas in AZ with our families. However, the logistics of packing the ten of us for two weeks, and add Christmas presents on top of it is quite a challenge. Christmas Eve started my spiral down hill. We had the cookie party at 9 am. We had to get up early to get ready. I got everyone ready and sent most of the kids off with Nanny and Papa and other cousins. I went to wake up Emma and get her bathed and dressed. I bought her the cutest Christmas outfit ever! I went in her room, and her and her crib were covered in puke! I cleaned her and put her stuff in the washing machine, got her dressed and headed out. While driving to the party she never stopped puking all over my brothers car that we had borrowed. When we got to the party we had to bathe her again and wash her clothes and car seat. The cookie party is my favorite holiday tradition, and I missed most of it. Later in the day I started to not feel very good. We had Stewart family pictures in the afternoon and the Stewart Christmas Eve party. I felt horrible, and Ben was complaining that he didn't feel very well. That evening we had the Hawkins Christmas eve party and nativity. By then I was holding it in. Right after the nativity, I started puking and didn't stop until Monday. I missed all of Christmas Eve and Christmas! It is my favorite day of the whole year! I worked so hard to get everything ready and missed it all. I didn't get to set out presents, or even see the kids open presents. Chase and his parents and his sister Shellie did it all for me. I am glad they where able to, but I am so sad I missed it. Chase only got about 3 pictures of the whole day. That night while I was throwing up Ben and Ammon where also up puking. I have never been so sick in my life. Puking when you are this pregnant hurts so bad! About two days after I got over that I got a sore throat and I have been sick ever since. I am on an antibiotic now, but I still am not getting better. I can not get on top of it. It has been 3 and 1/2 weeks and I am getting so tired of being sick. Any way The flu went through the whole house over the duration of our vacation. Even though we all where sick we still had fun and enjoyed being with our families.

Christmas Surprise

For Christmas this year we SURPRISED the kids with tickets to Az. for Christmas. Christmas sunday after Sacrament meeting Chase and I came home and set out a few big gifts for the kids and an envelope with their tickets inside to leave that night. I had everybody all packed and ready to go. They where so excited! A few days before we got this card in the mail from Chases sister. We thought it was funny! We only told our parents, so that the surprise wouldn't get out from cousins.