Friday, October 8, 2010

Emma is 13 Months Old

Emma is so funny. She loves music, and will stop anything she is doing to dance if a song comes on that she likes. She is pretty picky about her music. She likes things where she can here the instruments and singer and is a little slower. However, lately she will occasionally really like a fast song. Her moves are, she sways back and forth, and move her legs like she is running really fast, and she will shrug her shoulders. My favorite is the shoulder shrug. Emma is not walking yet, but can stand up any where in middle of the room and dance and just stand there but, wont take a step. Emma loves her brothers and always wants to play with them. Emma also is interested in the stairs now. She loves to climb up them and knows she is being naughty so she will squeal all the way up them. She does not know how to go down them yet, so it is a problem. Emma drinks whole milk and will eat any food you put in front of her. She eats as big of portions as me and still thinks she is hungry. Emma all of a sudden got teeth. She has 5, and a couple more are coming in. Emma is still just as sweet, cute and fun as can be. Emma's feet finaly grew this month, she now wears a sz. 3 in newborns.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Family Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, we took family pictures. I wanted to get them done this year when there was sun (and there happened to be a sunny afternoon) and before I got fat. We still do all of our pictures with a tri-pod, it is pretty amazing that we get any that work. notice in the standing shot Ben was behing Chase and I. We had a lot like that. I guess he doesn't understand if you can't see the camera it can't see you.