Monday, May 19, 2008

Simeon's First Grade Graduation

Tonight we had the first grade program I was debating going, but decided to put the little ones to bed, and have little Chase babysit so Sim could participate.During the performance Sim gets up to do a speaking part, which he never informed me about,good thing we decided to go.Sim is never one to tell you much. You just find things out as you go along. It was a very sweet and touching program.I think that is the first time I went to a school function and thought it was touching.Simeon's first grade teacher was Mrs. Kurcharski, it was her first year teaching and she cried and got emotional and thanked us for sharing our children with her, it was really cute.

Ms. Kurcharski asked the kids some questions and here is what Sim said:
What is your favorite fruit? Pineapple
What is your favorite lunch? Pizza and fruit
What is your favorite color? Blue
What is your favorite animal? dog
What is your favorite t.v. show? Arthur
What is your favorite sport? Football
I would give myself a prize for: playing football
favorite book is: The Secret Of Droon
Favorite activity: time line
Favorite day of the week: Friday

This is Sim's best friend Trevor Maxwell. They have been lucky enough to be in the same class two years in a row. They are also in our ward and they love to get together and have movie nights. Sim is going to miss him.

Ms. Kurcharski handed out a laminated poem with a picture of her with each child separately.this is the poem: This Hand I Hold

This hand I hold I touch it now for all eternity and the knowledge that I share I give from me to you. In hope that all you do and say reflects the lessons learned, and all the awards that you receive are ones that you have earned. I am your present teacher and your true friend But when the year is over my thoughts of you won't end. For in my dearest memory forever you will be, and when you go I hope that you will take a part of me This hand I hold I touch it now for all eternity, and the knowledge that I share I give from me to you.

I have some really cute video of the program but I can't get them uploaded. I will try later.

Brave Ben

We took Ben into the dentist this morning and found out that the tooth was broken into two pieces but both were still connected to the root.They had to pull the tooth out.He did pretty good only cried a little but we think it was because he was scared.He is really excited that he lost his first tooth before his older brother Sol, and is excited for the tooth fairy to come tonight.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dinner at Nanny's

Tonight we went to Nanny and Papa's house for dinner.When we were getting ready to go, we sent the kids out back to clean up the yard.We heard a huge scream, and the older kids came in screaming and upset.Ben and Gid were on the grates that cover the basement fire escapes and they are old and rusty and it gave out and Ben fell all the way down to the bottom and Gidoen who is as strong as an ox caught himself and was hanging from the ladder.It was very scary! I thought Bens legs were going to be broken or something like that. We laid him in the grass and he was screaming and we looked him over and he seems to be okay. He has a few scrapes and he broke his front tooth and his gums are really sore and bloody.We are really lucky! I am sure he is going to feel really sore in the morning but I am thankful he is all right.I am also thankful that Gid caught himself because if he had fallen on top of Ben it could have been really bad for both of them.We took Ben in and gave him a bath to clean him up and he was still crying and he said "I'm not going to be able to whistle" I thought that was a little funny that he was worrying about that.Then Giddy came in with the sweetest little two year old voice asking "Is Benny okay?" he was so worried about his friend and brother Beans. It made me want to cry.


Besides having our anniversary,mothers day,celebration of learning,graduation,dress rehearsal,trying to keep my house clean to sell we also had track practice every night.We have been a bit busy. We had practice so much because this Saturday was the all district meet out in Scottsdale. It was Tempe,Scottsdale,Gilbert, Chandler,and Higley school districts.They do a little parade ceremony before the track meet and have some one run in with a torch and light a bigger torch.Hannah did the 50m and the 4x100 relay and the long jump.Chase got to be an alternate for the 200m. and the 4x100 relay.When Hannah lined up to do the 50m some of the girls looked like they had been training for the Olympics, I turned to Chase and said "Hannash has no chance" However I was shockingly proven wrong. Hannah got third in the 50m.Her relay team also took third even though there number two runner stumbled but got up and kept going.Hannah was the third runner when she got the baton they were in 4th place when she passed the baton she had made up ground and had gotten them back up to second.They finished third.They take the 1st and 2nd to the state meet in June out in Glendale. So she is an alternate for those two events.She also tied for third in her long jump.We are very proud of Hannah she worked very hard this year and never gave up.Chase finished 5th in both of his events but was happy he at least got to participate.We are also proud of him he did a great job.The boys there are extremely competitive.

Ammon is six months old

I can't believe that Ammon is already six months old.I feel like I just had him. They grow up way to fast.It seems like it takes for ever for them to get here and then the time flys once they are here.Ammon is starting to kinda be able to sit on his own.He thinks he can talk.I have not seen him roll over however he has fallen off of the couch twice so I am pretty sure he can.I wont be sitting him up there alone anymore.He is such a sweet little guy I love him so much. There is nothing sweeter than a little baby boy!

pre- school Graduation

Sol graduated from pre-school this week.It was a cute and short ceremony.After the ceremony they had a water party in there teachers back yard. The kids had a lot of fun.Mrs. Daniels has been a great teacher this year.

Dress rehearsal

Hannah had dress rehearsal for her dance recital this week. I went for a little bit to See her dance and try to get some pictures.She has improved a lot this year.She has been taking ballet and lyrical.She really enjoys lyrical.The pictures are of her lyrical performance.

Anniversary and Mother's Day

On Friday May ninth it was mine and Chase's 12th anniversary.Chase got to fly home late Thursday night so he could be here for it.I can't believe that we have been married for 12 years. I think I am not old enough to be married that long.I am so glad that he got to come home I miss him so much. I feel like part of me is not here when he is gone.I know that sounds cheesy but it is true.Chase is the best husband I could have ever asked for.He is perfect for me. He is a great man,and I am lucky to have him.For the day we went out to lunch and dinner and just hung out.I had been sick all week and still was not feeling that great but I still had a lot of fun with him.Chase took all of the kids out to get me some presents for mothers day, they got me some good stuff.I got the usual bath and body works lotion and bubble bath and Sol picked out a cute bath pillow for me.I got a bunch of lip gloss.I got the cutest yellow pair of shoes that I love.(you cant see them that great in the picture)All of the kids made me cards at school and Sim even made me a jewelery box.The kids brought me breakfast in bed it was nice.Chase didn't have church meetings because it was mothers day so it was nice he was there to help get the kids ready for church.After church he had to leave to catch his flight back to Seattle. It was sad.I made frozen pizza's for dinner, because that was all we had. Not the best mothers day dinner and I had to cook it myself.My in-laws were out of town and my brother and his wife had my parents over for dinner. We got to go have desert at Drew's home, and that was nice.


One of the little boys favorite things to do is to run in the sprinklers.Ben's best little friend next door Sammy came over and played with them.

Father's and son's

Even though chase was leaving to Seattle on Sunday he still took the boys to fathers and sons. They had a good time and the boys were happy they got to go. I thin;k they do fathers and sons so you get more one on one time with your kids to bond. Poor Chase having six boys to take he usually comes home frazzled. He also took Sam's son Emmet along with them.That weekend is a lot of work for him, but it is usually pretty relaxing for me and Hannah.Little Chase slid down the mountain and cut up his whole leg and Emmet fell and so everyone was whining and crying so they ended up at my parents cabin for the night(they usually end up there)While at the camp sight Chase said that Gideon for about two hours straight threw rocks into the stream. He had so much fun.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gilbert Home For Sale

I thought I would post pictures of my home that we are trying to sell so we can move to Washington with Chase. It is listed on the mls list if you want more info. You can also contact me. If anybody you know is looking for a nice house tell them to check this one out.It is a basement home it has 6 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms a huge game room in the basement. Two master suites, one upstairs and one downstairs. There are three bedrooms up and three bedrooms down.A completely remodeled kitchen. All new flooring throughout,wood all through upstairs except in bedrooms.Granite slab in kitchen ,stainless appliances. This house has more storage than any home. It has a 9x14 storage room in the basement with a 2nd refrigerator in it. It has tons of closets every where. The center island in the kitchen has cupboards all the way around the island. The back yard has a pool and a Jacuzzi, also the yard is high quality artificial turf. This has been a great home and neighborhood, we are going to miss it and we are sad to go.