Friday, March 4, 2011

Hannah at Twelve

I took some pictures of Hannah today. I have not had any new one's in a long time. She stayed home from school with a sore throat so i did her hair and took some pictures. Some of them freaked me out so much because they looked so much like me in high school or she looked just like my niece Chelsea. In real life I don't notice it because she has her personality, but for some reason in those pictures when I was looking at them it shocked me at how much she looks like me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emma is 18 Months Old

Emma turned 18 months this past Sunday. I didn't even realize it until after sacrament meeting. Chase is on the high council so he was in meetings in his other ward. Ammon was crying and didn't want to go to Sunbeams, I was holding Emma and huge pregnant, thinking I should just go home and when I have the baby in a couple of weeks how am I going to hold three kids on my lap at church and haul them around. Then it dawned on me, Emma can go to nursery. I took her over there, and she stood there like a deer in headlights. She would not move. I have never left her with anybody but family, and she is usually napping or in bed. She wasn't crying so I left. They never had to come and get me, but they said she was a bit weepy and scared, but she would let them hold her. My guess is next week she will throw a fit. I hope she gets used to it so I can go to Relief Society. On the other hand they had to bring Ammon to me three times. That boy seems to be digressing. He really needs to grow up in the next couple of weeks. Emma has gotten so big over the last couple of months. She sleeps wonderfully in a bed, never had one problem. She goes up and down the stairs by herself. Her hair has gotten thick and long. She feeds herself.(another thing Ammon still makes me do) A funny thing she does is, when she wants something she makes a sound that is a cross between a puppy and a monkey. She cracks me up.Emma loves balls, and playing with her brothers toys. She also likes her kitchen. Emma is such a joy. She is exactly what I needed, when I needed it. She is the sweetest thing! Everyone enjoys her and loves her. Emma is 21 lbs. She can say mom, dad, Hannah, ball, geegles(food), pig, baby, uh oh, baba, binky, nigh nigh, by by, cookies, cacky.(crackers) Emma also loves to give kisses to everyone and everything.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It started Snowing while we where at the lodge. When we got home it started to come down more and sticking. Lonnie and Claudia's flight got cancelled and we had a couple days of snow. When we got home the kids got to sled and play in it. We played a lot of Rook and ate a lot of food.

Second Winter Break

Last week was second winter break here. We don't get a fall break, but we get a week off in Feb. Lonnie and Claudia came into town. We went and spent a night at the Great Wolf Lodge. It is a big indoor water park and hotel. The kids had a lot of fun. It was nice to get to swim. As you can tell from the pictures everyone loved playing with Emma. I only got one picture of Gid, he had the time of his life and I never saw him, he was just off on his own sliding and swimming the whole time.


Chase made the eighth grade basketball team. He really enjoys it and has been doing really well, and has improved greatly from last year.