Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's a Girl

I went and had my ultrasound today, and we are having a girl!! We are so excited!! I suspected it was a girl because how I have been feeling. I am due Sept. 3rd, and she is measuring exactly on schedule. Here are a few pictures.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ben can Whistle!!!!

Ben came up to us a couple of weeks ago and told us he could whistle. Well he whistled for us and we had to try so hard to not crack up laughing. He is the funniest oddest kid I have ever met. I always wonder where he thinks up these things. So believe me it is worth watching this video, it is hilarious!

Eight is on it's Way!

So I have been keeping a secret for a long time. We found out we were pregnant when we got home from Christmas break. We decided to wait a while to tell people. In the mean time we planned our Easter trip, and decided to not tell anyone until we went down at Easter. I know people around here have to have figured it out because it is getting really hard to hide it. I am 19 weeks now. Almost half way done, and it has flown by. I think because if you don't tell people it doesn't seem real. I am due September 3rd. I am so excited because my niece is pregnant and due about 6 weeks after me and my brother and sister in law who are adopting there baby is due September 10th! I am so excited! The other part of my plan was to already know what I was having so when i told people I was pregnant I could say what it was. Well they would not schedule my appointment until the week we get back. I was really mad, I am used to having Dr. Beck giving me all sorts of special privileges that I guess normal Dr. just don't do. I think that has been the hardest part. At my first app. I was so sad that I was having a baby without Dr. Beck. He is a family friend and has delivered all of my babies, he has even been in the circle for some of there names and blessings. My new Dr. is nice just not the same. This pregnancy has been the easiest I have ever had. I got sick right away, but it was not that bad and it went away early, so I was lucky. Ammon about killed me and this has been a cake walk, compared.

Spring has Sprung

I don't know how but things are blooming around here. It really hasn't warmed up much and there has been no sun to speak of until today, but things are blooming. In fact we woke up to SNOW Friday morning. It didn't last long though. It is for casted to be pretty much sunny while we are gone in Az. Of course it would be perfect while we are gone. We are so excited to come down for the week it will be so much fun. On the Saturday before Easter we always have a big Easter party, "nanny's tea party" it is one of the best parties of the year. It is a tradition that we have to wear "Easter bonnets" to the party. Every year I search all the stores for the best hats. Well this year I decided to make them. I was on someones blog and got the idea. They made these really cute hats for St. Patricks day out of old yogurt containers.I started saving mine and made them yesterday. I think they are so adorable. I am posting them now because I don't know what they will look like by the time we make it down to Az.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Chase had a violin concert. He is really enjoying it. There orchestra is really good! He plays with his friend Coleman from the ward. Chase likes it so much he wants to start taking private lessons. Again when I figure out how to upload video I will put it on.


Hannah had a dance recital in Jan. I am still trying to figure out how to upload video.


Across the street from our house, there is a huge park. It has Basketball,Tennis,Baseball,Soccer and a playground. I decided one Saturday that I wanted to learn how to play Tennis. Chase took us to buy rackets and then we all went to the park to learn. The kids have really enjoyed it. Whenever it isn't raining they walk over there after school to play.

Boys and Basketball

Chase and Sim both played basketball this season. Basketball is not that big here so it was kinda a joke, compared to the teams they have played on in Az. They enjoyed doing something though.


About a month ago the kids had the day off of school, so Chase stayed home and we went sledding.

Pine Wood Derby

Sim had his first pine wood derby. He had a lot of fun. They do a ward "practice" one here and then do the "real" stake one the next week. He got around 7th place in the stake which is really good because there where about 30 boys.