Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a nice quite Thanksgiving at home. Big and Little Chase started the day with the wards annual Turkey Bowl. They came home completly covered in mud. Then we had dinner around 2:00 and then relaxed the rest of the day. I am thankful for, family, husband, gospel, babies, scriptures, prayer, atonement, friends, sunshine, chocolate, Chase , Hannah, Sim, Sol, Ben, Gid, Ammon, Emma.


Three Little Monkey's Jumping On the Bed

Emma is Three Months

I can not believe that she is already 3 months! Time flies, she is getting so big! Emma is a sweet little lady. She finally smiles! She loves when you talk to her, and she coos back, she thinks she can talk. Emma pretty much just eats and sleeps and smiles.She is such a joy to our family! I never thought I wanted another girl,but now I never realized how much I did. It is so fun to have another girl in our home!
Some of our nicknames for her are: Lady,Lady Bird,Lady Hawk,Emma Lou Who ( the little boys interpret that as Emma Wo Who, so they call her wo who)


Chase had scouts the other night at the park across the street. They where working on there health and fitness merit badge. He came home looking like this. It is a little muddy around here.

Sim is Nine

We celebrated Sims Birthday in Az. with his cousins.

Ammon is Two

Ammon turned Two a couple of weeks ago. He is such a funny kid! I have never seen anyone so addicted to chocolate (besides me) than he is. He loves candy and anything sweet, I am not sure he ever eats real food. He says some really funny things, and his face is so full of expression that he always makes me laugh. His new thing is when anything is a mess he says " big bess" It cracks me up. He is constantly getting in to stuff and driving me crazy, but I love him!