Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We finally got a house.It is a miracle that we got the house we did.The two houses we put offers on did not come through.It was very frustrating.When I was in Seattle We went to look at a few houses for fun that were out of our price range.We liked them but thought nothing of it.Last week a Realtor from one of them called and wanted to know if we liked the house.Chase told her we loved it,it was the nicest house we have seen but to be honest it is way out of our price range.She asked what our price was he told her and she said she would run it by her clients.She called back on Saturday,to tell us that they excepted the offer.We were both in shock it is a huge difference from what they were asking.In fact we are paying less than if we got one of those other two houses which were not as nice as this one.It is a miracle.It amazes me how things work out.We are still planning on moving in on the first,so we will be moving out the last week of September.It is such a relief to finally be going to live with Chase and to have some where to live.The house is in Isaqua.I don't have to many pictures because I didn't think it was possible that we would get it, so the realtor sent me a few.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ammon is nine months old

Ammon has learned so much this month.When we were in Washington he learned how to crawl.He does an army crawl,I think because he doesn't like his knees on the wood floor.He now eats baby food three times a day and really enjoys the Gerber puffs as a snack.He still melts my heart but he is getting to be such a big boy.I will get a picture of him tomorrow crawling and post it.

Sol's Sixth Birthday

Sol turned six on Saturday.Sol is the funniest little guy.Sol's favorite food are apples,he eats about five a day.It costs me a fortune to keep our apple supply stocked for him.He decided he wanted an apple birthday party.We had everything apples,Carmel apples,apples and dip,apple pie,apple juice,apple chips,rice krispie treats with apple jacks,apple sauce.I bet you didn't know that there was so many apple things that you could have a party revolved around them.He was so excited and had a lot of fun.Chase was home and we took him out for dinner(he wanted to go to apple Bees to Cary on the theme,but I had to put my foot down)and after wards to pick out a new bike.Sol is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet,but he can also be one of the biggest pains.From day one Sol is either perfect or hard, he has no middle ground.His favorite thing to do is clean.He is my biggest helper when it comes to cleaning.He has such high standards that he wont do it unless it is perfect so he never has to re due a job.He is this way with everything he tries so hard in everything that he does.It is a tough life when your a perfectionist and your only six and haven't learned how to do everything yet.

Sports Camp

I signed Ben and Gid up for a sports class that they go to during the day when the big kids are at school.It teaches the the real rules and scills of the games.They do basketball,soccer,baseball and relay races and a bit of tumbling.It is so cute and they love going.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I got this from a friends blog and thought it would be fun so here are the rules. Leave a memory you had of me or us together or what ever.You can know me a little or a lot.Then post this on your blog and see how many memories you get.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Yes it is true we are finally moving.On Monday Chase put our house up for rent on Craig's list,and we had offers and people calling left and right offering more money so they could rent it.Apparently the rental market is so HOT right now because the banks aren't giving loans as easily.The first day we decided on a family they wanted a two year lease and might end up buying it later.If we decide to come back then we still have some where to go.I am flying up to Seattle tomorrow to find somewhere for us to live.We are moving the seek of September 22-26th.I am so excited to be able to be with Chase ,but I am also really sad to leave.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Day Of School

Yesterday was the first day of school. I can't believe summer is already over!Chase started middle school (6th grade)Hannah is in 4th grade,Sim is a second grader,and last but not least Solly started all day kindergarten.I was nervous for Sol to go all day. I did not know how he would do at lunch and finding his way around but so far so good.I had to go help Chase get his schedule fixed,it was all messed up he didn't even have lunch allotted in his day.They also had him signed up for band.I tried to change it and they said the kids have two choices for there art elective one is band the other is dance he chose band.I think it is ridiculous!He takes early morning orchestra at the high school for a grade and they wont except that as that elective.So we have to get him another instrument.They are only aloud to have p.e. for one quarter and they have to do this stupid artsy stuff for a semester. It is ridiculous.His dad is not to happy about it either.Ben started preschool at my neighbors house next door,it is really nice and convenient.I always can't Waite for school to start and I enjoy myself for about two days and then I am bored.I just like being busy and having noise and people around.I only have three kids left at home and when Ben is at school I only have two.I can't remember the last time when I only had that many kids home all day.