Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Name and a Blessing

Emma received her name and blessing while we were in Arizona for Halloween. I was so happy that our family could be there with us. I would have been to sad if it was just us. Emma was named after Chases Great Grandmother Emmie, his mother Claudia and me, Hope(my middle name). Emma Claudia Hope Hawkins. She is such a sweet girl I am so excited she has come into our family.

More Halloween

Monday, November 16, 2009


We spent Halloween in Arizona. It was nice to have warm sunny weather. We enjoyed seeing our family and friends. It was most every ones first time meeting Emma. I am glad that everyone got to see her. Chase was speed racer, Hannah a clown, Sim nacho libre, Sol Luke sky walker, Ben Woody ( he was the best woody I have ever seen! His skinny little body looked like the real woody) Gid nosey (elephant) Ammon rhino and Emma was a strawberry. Everyone had fun trick or treating and playing with there cousins.

Six Boys

Ever since I was a little girl, I always new that I wanted a big family. There were five kids in my family, but we are so spread out it felt like a much smaller family. My older sisters started getting married and moving out when I was only in second grade. From when I got my patriarchal blessing I knew I would have a lot of boys. It talks about the missionary work that will come from my family, and the lives that will blessed. Some people don't know why they are here or what they want to be. My purpose and calling in this life is to be a mom. I struggle being pregnant, I get sick and hate every minute of it. I do it because I know it is why I am here. I want to be done, but I know I will have more. When I look at all my boys, I think of the big strong men that they are and will become. I am honored that Heavenly Father has in trusted me with these strong spirits. Chase is obedient,a great example, leader,mature, helper, and a hard worker. When he was blessed as a little baby it said he would be one of my best friends, and he is. Sim has always been the sweetest since he was born. He is the strong silent type. People are always drawn to him, and he is every one's friend. He seeks out those who may not have friends, and he is there friend. He is very soft,kind,caring,strong,and a leader. Solomon has from the beginning strives to do his best in all that he does. He wants to do whats right. He also seeks out those who need help and befriends them. He loves to help people. He is also one of the hardest workers that you will ever meet. He likes things clean and perfect. He has a smile that will melt your heart and huge dimples to go with it. Benjamin is a funny little guy! He is very creative,smart,good,layed back and strong. He is a leader. I love just watching him and wondering how his brain works and how he comes up with things. Gideon is also the strong silent type, him and Sim are very similar. Everyone is drawn to him because of his beautiful eyes and pretty smile. He is very caring and loves being a big brother and helping take care of his younger siblings. He loves to protect and take care of them. He is the life of the party. Ammon is such a strong personality. He is determined in all that he does and wants. From day one he has been trying to keep up with his older siblings. He honestly believes that Chase and his friends are also his friends. He thinks he can do all that everyone else does.He is also strong and a leader. In a blessing before I had him, it said that he was so excited to be a part of this family and could not wait to get here. I love my boys and hope that they can live up to there potential and remember who they are and what they stand for. They have all been named after great prophets, uncles, fathers, and grandfathers who have set good examples for them to follow. They are my little army of Heleman.
"Now this was the faith of these of whom I have spoken; they are young, and their minds are firm, and they do put their trust in God continually." Alma 57;27 Heres to my future missionaries.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Giddy

Giddy turned 4 back in October. I can not believe he is already four. He is such a sweet kid. He is the strong silent type. He is normally really layed back, and minds his own business. He does not get into trouble often, or cause many problems. He just goes with the flow. If he does do something naughty he is still smiling. He is also a funny kid. He is at the stage where anything he sees on a commercial he wants or if it is a girl thing he thinks Emma wants it. If it is an infomercial he thinks that I need it. He loves his brown blankie, that he has named buster brown, he calls Emma's blankies pink busters. He loves his little sister so much. He calls her little lades or just lades which is short for lady. He comes up to her face and says "Hi little lades it's me your big brother Gid" Gid is a friend to everyone, everyone loves Gid and thinks he is so cute. I am so thankful for my Giddy. We celebrated his Bday in Az. with his cousins.