Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas

Emma is Fifteen months old

Emma has gotten to be a big girl. She walks everywhere now. The funniest thing she does is she makes funny faces. She will look at you and move her eyebrows up and down, It cracks me up. She will make a grouch face and then make a surprised face where she makes her lips into an o shape it is really funny I will need to get a picture of it. She is growing up fast now. After Christmas I need to get her sleeping in her bed, and Ammon potty trained before the new baby comes.

Thanksgiving and Snow

The week of Thanksgiving we got a huge snow storm. It started on Sunday but didn't stick so the kids went to school on Monday, but they let them out early because it was getting bad and the buses can't operate with snow. They where home the rest of the week and played in the snow,and sledded down our hill. It never got above freezing all week and with the windchill it was around 7 degrees. The roads where so bad and we couldn't get down our hill so we had to walk to the store to get our stuff for thanksgiving dinner. It was a lot of fun, to have Chase and the kids home all week. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at our next door neighbors house, and I didn't get any pictures. We really missed our families.

Hannah's band concert and Chase's Orchestra concert

It was Hannah's first band concert and was as good as can be expected from only a semester of learning an instrument. Chase had his orchestra concert and it was really good. They have really improved over the years. Since Chase is so competitve it is kinda funny how he even is in orchestra. His best friend and him compete over who gets a better chair. Somehow they are always sitting right next to each other but it switches who is in the higher chair. Chase practiced so hard and won this time. I love to hear him play the violin.

Ammon's Third Bday

Ammon turned 3 on the 16th of November. He had a fun day and got all of the toys he could ever want. He found his presents in my closet about a week before his birthday. He would go in and stare at them and tell me he couldn't have them until his bday. Even though he knew what he was getting he was still excited to get to play with them.

Sim's football team won the championships this year. His team was undefeated and awesome. It was Sim's first year playing and loved it! All he ever wants to do now is play football. I think we found his sport.

Sim's 10th Birthday

It has been so crazy lately, and I am so far behind on my blog. I don't even remember Sim's bday. I have pictures though, and I do know it was on Nov. 10th. We love you Sim! We took Sim out for his bday dinner with Ammon who's bday is on the 16th, because Chase was out of town on Sim's day. After football practice he had cupcakes with his team.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's a Boy

We are having another boy! I had my 20 week ultrasound today. I knew it was a boy, so I was not shocked at all. He is so cute and sweet, and I am so excited! We have not picked out a name yet but have about 4 or 5 that we like. Boys names are easy for us. This has been my easiest pregnancy by far. I didn't even know I was pregnant for a while. We where not planning this, and I did not know if I could handle being pregnant again. When I found out it was really hard on me because I felt like I haven't even recovered from Emma yet. I felt very overwhelmed at the time. Seeing him today I got so excited. I feel like our family is going to be complete, and I am glad he will be close in age to all of his siblings. Looking at him today he seems very calm and sweet! Heavenly Father knew if I was going to have another one it needed to be easier on me.I think his chin looks a little like Ben's and he has big lips like Emma.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Emma is 14 months old

Emma has learned and changed a lot in the last month. She is such a funny little thing. Her personality is really coming out now. Emma still will not officially walk, when she thinks you are not looking she walks. She likes to walk around pushing chairs. Emma is also a climber. I will leave the room and come back and she will be on a table standing at a chair at the counter on the fireplace, wherever she can get to. Emma likes to do things that are more dangerous and harder than walking. Emma will also walk if she is on an unstable surface like a bed of couch. Emma loves her brothers. When she gets up in the morning and sees Ammon and Gid she squeals and laughs just to see them. Emma likes to stand at the toy basket and throw everything out one by one over head like she is looking for something specific. She is spoiled by attention and knows she has nine people at her beckon call, if she wants anything. She is starting to ramble like she is trying to talk. She can say Hi, mom, and dad. Emma has eight teeth, and loves to eat anything and all day long. Emma loves her binkie and the tags on her little angel pigs and hippo. She has to hold the tags and have her binkie in her mouth to go to sleep.