Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ammon is seven months old

You know the saying "no one can make you happy" I beg to differ. Ammon makes me so happy that I laugh out loud when I see him. He is so cute, sweet, chubby, cuddly, and he has the best smile ever. Who could resist a guy with so many dimples? I know I can't.  Ammon turned seven months old on Monday. I still can't believe how old he is getting. He can now sit up on his own, at least for a few minutes before he falls over.Monday he rolled over from his back to his tummy.We also took him swimming for the first time(We usually swim at his nap time)He absolutely loved it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I am so thankful for Chase. He is the greatest father to our children. He is a great example to me. He is a great man.The kids and I miss him and love him.

Chason Anderson Hawkins

I can not believe that my first little baby is eleven years old.Chase is the best kid I have ever met.Since the day he was born he has been my best little helper. When (big)Chase was giving him his name and blessing he blessed him that he would be my best friend and that he would always be a help to me, and he always has.By the time I was pregnant with my 4th baby (he was 4) he could feed the kids lunch and get them to nap,change diapers,clean, anything that I needed he could help me with.Now that he is older he could pretty much raise them all on his own.With Chase working in Seattle he is constantly stepping in to help. The other day when I was writing his bday card I was sitting there thinking about what to say, and he was cooking the kids dinner.I don't know many 11 year old that could or would do that on their own without being asked.He is also such a sweet and righteous young man. I don't know how I got blessed with such amazing spirits.He is sweet but strong all at the same time.He is a great leader and example to me and all of his siblings. He always tries to do his best and what is right.I am thankful for him .I love him. And he is so darn cute!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Family Pictures

On Memorial Day my friend Tammy Webb took our family pictures. I think she did a really good job. I was so excited to finally get some done after Ammon was born.Her web site is

Chase Turns Eleven

Today we celebrated Little Chase's 11th Birthday! His real birthday is on Saturday the 14th. Big Chase is coming into town this weekend so we decided to have his friends birthday today and we will spend the day as a family on his real birthday.Chase had some of his friends and cousins over to swim and have lunch for the day. His favorite gift had to be the Barbie doll that his friend James got him(hehe).

Swimming at Jenna's

Last Friday we went swimming at my friend Jenna Lines house. About 8 years ago we moved into the same ward and I became her visiting teacher. We became friends and were in a book club together. I moved away and we lost contact. About 4 years ago I moved right next door to her with out even knowing. Are kids get along really well and are all about a week apart of each other.We had alot of fun and it was really relaxing because the kids just occupied each other.Last year Jenna moved out to Quenn Creek so it is not as convient as it used to be to get together.