Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sammie is 2 months old

Sam is such a good baby. He is the best nurser I have ever had. It is my biggest blessing that I can nurse him. It still amazes me. He nursed 7 times a day and gets 3 bottles. He sleeps through the night. He smiles all of the time. He weighs 10 lbs. and 5 ounces and is 22 inches long. He is getting really chubby. I love Sam's sweet little spirit.

Emma Loops is 21 months old

Emma has had an adjustment since Sam was born. She was so used to being everybodys center of attention especially mine, That Sam being born has rocked her little world. She tries to love him but also loves to hit him. When she tries to pick him up, hold him or carry him she does by his neck. Emma is a funny little thing. She can mimic any word that anybody says. She loves books more than anything. When you get her up in the morning the first thing she says is books. To distract her when she is upset, you just have to ask her where her books are. Emma loves to have a lot of books read to her before bed. Since I am nursing, Sim or Sol read to her. Emma weighs 24 lbs. Emma loves banana's and anything sweet. Emma also loves her daddy. When he is home she is with him non stop. We love little Emma.

Two Dorks

Chase and Hannah before church being dorks.

Chase is Fourteen

I was up nursing yeterday morning at the time Chase was born 14 years ago, and there I was 14 years later doing the same thing. I can not believe it has been that long. Chase started it all. He is such a great kid. I loved having Chase he changed my life forever. He has always been my little buddy and friend. He has always been a big help to me, and mature for his age. He thinks he is like Chase and I, and than there are the 8 kids. He has grown up along side me. In ways I was still a kid when I had him. Chase is a good example, hard worker, funny, athletic, smart, neet and tidy and an all around good kid. He has really grown up in the last year. He is now taller than me, he really enjoys that, however he does not like when I wear my high heels and appear taller. He is 5 ft. 9 1/2 inches tall, weighs in at 155lbs. He started football, for the high school last week. he will be a freshman. Tomorrow is his last day of school and he gets his braces off! How exciting!