Friday, December 14, 2012

This summer in between our houses we lived at our friends house the Nelson's. They are so kind and generous to let a family of 11 move in with them. We had a lot of fun and crazy times. While we where there, their oldest son Sam got married. Julie and I did the whole wedding our selves. We  made and found all of the decorations. We shopped all of the thrift stores we could get to. We spray painted, made flowers, made signs and much more. We also made all of the food for the dessert bar, and Hannah even frosted the cakes for us. It was a lot of fun!!!  We loved going to the thrift stores together to see what we could find. While we where in one store they announced that they where going out of business the next day and everything was free. It was so funny and we thought we needed to shower when we left because it was so gross, but it is one of my favorite funny memories. In one store I bought an old wedding dress because I liked it and it was only 10 bucks. On one of our outings Hannah came along and we drove by furniture that was on the side of the road that had a free sign on it. Hannah insisted that we turn around and get it for her. So we did and shoved her and the chair in the back of the car.We even set the whole wedding up by ourselves it was so exhausting and we where out so late but it was fun. The morning of the reception we went to the flower market in down town Seattle to find out it had closed. So we had to run around the city trying to find flowers for that day. It turned out to be a great reception, and I will always remember the fun times we had together.

Emma's Third Birthday

Emma turned three this summer also. Julie made Emma a cute purple rose cake. Emma is such a funny lady. She acts shy around other people, but she is the craziest loudest girl at home. She loves to dance and goes crazy. She likes to be called tall. Emma loves purple and anything purple. She loves all of her loopsy dolls and LOVES to color. Her nicknames are Emma Lou, Lou, Loopsy Lou, Lady, Em, Emmie, Loops. She is a joy in our family.

Solomon's Tenth Birthday

This summer Sol turned 10. He had a fun party with some of his new friends. We ate food and played on a slip and slide.