Thursday, February 17, 2011

More to Come

I still have to post, Hannah and Ben's Birthdays, ( Ben's is today) All the boys basketball, (Chase made the school team again)


I am so far behind on my blog I don't even know where to start. We are still sick here, but I am finally doing much better. I have had pneumonia, for the past 6 weeks. I had a trip to the hospital and I have been completely out of commission. I finally am feeling a little better and can get out of bed. The kids are all now getting sick. It has really been a non stop sick house since Christmas Eve. Hopefully we will get it all done before the baby comes.I also have had a lot of help from my friends and the ward with meals and taking the kids to play and taking my older kids to and from mutual. It has been a huge help and relief I am thankful for all of there thoughtfulness. I went to my OB this week and had an ultrasound, and the baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Out of all my pregnancies, that has never happened.He also thinks he is going to be big like 9 and 1/2 pounds. I am probably farther along, than we thought. We didn't really know when I got pregnant anyway. I am feeling overwhelmed, I don't have that much time left and have not been able to get everything done that I need or want to. My mom and dad came up for a week to help out with the kids and help me get ready for the baby. We got Emma in her big girl bed, and she does great. We got her room all organized and cleaned out. We put the crib in Ammons room and got his room all cleaned out and organized. My mom, Hannah and I made the bedding for the crib. It turned out really cute! I am so glad they came, they where a lot of help and I feel like we got a lot done. Slowly but surly I am getting things checked off of my list. I can do about one thing a day and then I am beat and have to sleep. This is really hard for me because I usually get so much done in a day, especially while I am nesting. Also we have been potting training Ammon and he has been doing pretty good. My two main goals before the baby where potty training Ammon and gettting Emma in a bed.