Sunday, February 28, 2010

Emma is 6 Months

Seriously, I know I am biased, but I don't think there is a cuter baby ever than Emma! She is so cute! I know I am not the only one because people tell me all of the time that she is. The time has flown by! She can roll and move around on the floor by pushing her feet. Whenever I lay her on the floor and come back for her she is in a different spot. She can sit for a few seconds on her own, but flops over. She thinks it is hilarious to blow in her face. It makes her laugh. She loves everyone she especially lights up when Giddy is around. She is just still cute and can smile, smile, smile.

Benjamin Beans

I love the poem his dad always says to him "Benjamin Beans in his Blues and his Greens" Beans is what we call Ben. I think it started when he decided that he loved beans. Ben was our tiniest baby. He was only 6lbs. and 2oz. for me that is tiny! He had problems breathing when he was born. They took him right out of the room and put him on oxygen. I didn't get to hold him. Him being my 5th I knew that wasn't normal and it was scary. He had to stay in the hospital for a week. He was tall and skinny. At his 3 week dr. appt. he still was not his birth weight. he was so tiny and did not grow fast. He can now out eat anybody in the family. He is the tallest skinniest kid. His 4 year old brother and him weigh the exact same to the ounce, but Ben is about 4 inches taller. I love Ben. He cracks me up. He makes me smile. I love just talking to him. He still will snuggle, however he is like snuggling with a bag of bones. He is all elbows and knees. He has a great imagination, and I wonder where he comes up with half of the stuff he says. He is ambidextrous. When he was little he would be coloring in the lines with both hands at the same time. Who can do that. He lights up any room. I vision Ben being a great big noble man someday! I almost forgot he had the most beautiful full head of blonde hair when he was born! Also all the girls have always loved Ben. I think the only boy friend he has ever had is his cousin Brady, and all of his brothers. His favorite color is Red. He is 4ft 1in. tall and 49lbs.

Ben's Sixth Birthday and a Funeral

Ben turned six this month. When we got home from Disneyland. Chase's Grandma died. We turned around and went to Utah for the funeral. It was crazy! We rented a fifteen passenger van to drive there, since we don't all fit in my car. It was so nice to have space for everyone and everything. Chase spoke at the funeral and we all sang and all of the great-grand kids sang. It was a nice service.I am thankful for the gospel and the knowledge of life after death. Grandma was old and lived a good long life, and had been sick and in pain for a long time. I feel bad for Grandpa who was left behind, but someday they will be together again.It was fun with all of the family again. I feel like we spent most of Feb. with the family. During the trip it happened to be Ben's birthday. He was so happy about that because we got to have a party with all of the cousins.He wanted his party at Chucky Cheese, so that is what we did. Nothing like a Birthday and a Funeral. It will be a birthday to remember.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Seventh Grade Basketball

We are so excited to say that Chase made the Seventh grade basketball team. He was really worried that he wouldn't. I am really glad that he did because I don't know what I would have done with him if he didn't. He has had a tough time up here fitting in and it breaks my heart. I am happy he has something to do that he loves doing. They have really cool uniforms. Big Chase says they are cooler than the ones he had at Mountain View. Big Chase was going to squeeze into one for a picture with them together to see who was more excited. I have a hard time watching my kids play sports even when they are in Kindergarten. I am to competitive and and get to worked up. All of the boys are doing basketball right now. So our Saturdays consist of going from game to game. I guess that will be my life for the next 15 years. Ben is so funny to watch instead of running he skips his way down the court. He is really cordinated and good, but is of course in his own little happy world. He was so excited to get his jersey. Sol is all out competitve, sprints none stop and is really goood. Sim has a great shot and gets all the rebounds. Chase is really cordinated and can play sports with his right and left hand just like his dad. I am glad that they all got there dads skills. I can run, but not doing anything at the same time. Here are a few pictures , I have not gotten them of everybody yet.

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