Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Cute Little Monsters

Ammon and Sam have matching monster jammies. Ammon loves to wear them with Sam. Every time he does he says "mom you have to cute little monsters" Emma does not like to be left out. Proof that Emma picks on the boys. Caught in the act of pulling Ammon's hair.

Thirty Five

Oh yea I turned 35 in October. Chase flew to Africa that day. The kids made me cake and my friends Julie and Janna took me out to dinner. I had a good day, I just missed Chase. He did stay home from work the day before and we celebrated then.

Ammon,Emma and Sam

My three little dorks that stay home with me all day remind me of my first three little dorks. I am ending just where I started (Boy, Girl, Boy) They even have similar personalities as the first three. Except Sam is a little more on the go than Sim was. Sim was so laid back. Ammon is the funnies character. He is constantly making everyone laugh. He also drives me crazy some times. He is a handful. The things that he says and comes up with just make you think how in the world does his little brain work. Chase says that he reminds him of his little brother Blake. He says that Blake was the coolest little kid. Ammon will watch his shows and then tell me how hard it is to watch shows. Like he has been working all day. He was singing me Jingle Bells the other day but he was saying Tinkle Bells. When he sees something he likes or wants in a store he says " I wish I should like that" he always says "holy cow" and then proceeds to tell you something. He thinks he is Chases age and thinks he is in charge.Ammon loves planes, he calls them hair planes. He is obsessed with them and always wants to go for a plane ride. Luckily he gets to a couple of times a year. Emma is stubborn and bossy. I can't figure out how that could have happened (spoiled by everyone) Emma is also sweet. She loves to read, and you can find her in middle of the night with her light on sitting on her bed reading books. She can spend hours doing this. Just like her big sister. She loves to terrorize Ammon and Sam. She knows just what to do to get them going. Emma has to wear shoes at all times, when you go get her up in the morning she already has her boots on. Emma loves anything purple. When she sees purple no matter what it is she says "my purple one" Emma loves colors and tells you what color anything is. Emma loves to jump. She does not walk she jumps everywhere.When emma gets in trouble she starts crying and screaming "a hug" "a kiss" Emma is also scared of the dark now she will turn her light on all night long, no matter how many times you turn it off when she is asleep she wakes up and turns it back on. Sam is my sweet little angel (for now) He fits his name perfectly!!!!! He is the strongest little guy I have ever met. Every time I nurse him or feed him a bottle I have a wrestling match with him. At seven months old he is stronger than me. He can get out of any hold you have on him. He physically wears me out. Ammon always says to him "mom doesn't want to wrestle Sam" Sam walks along furniture and will move from the couch to the ottoman. He can stand alone. He is physically extremely advanced. He has had another EEG and his results have both come back as normal. He has had about 8 seizures now. we think that his nervous system is just trying to keep up with how fast he is developing. We just watch him and after a few months if he has not "caught up" stopped having them we will take him back in for more tests. He has one more appointment in Jan. with a pediatric neurologist. Hopefully by then he will have stopped having them. I think he will be walking on his own in the next month. I love when I pick him up he holds on to me like a monkey.

Monday, November 28, 2011


We had a fun Halloween. We went trick or treating for the first time here. The trunk or treat was a couple of days earlier. We went with our good friends that moved here. I made Hannah and Emma's witch costumes and Sim's Napoleon. Ammon went as rhino, Gid was Peter Pan, Ben was Luke Skywalker, Sol was a gorilla and Chase was Austin Powers(his dads old costume)I forgot but Sam was a little lion.

Gideon's Six

Nanny and Papa came to town during Gideons birthday. We celebrated it with them and our good friends from Gilbert that moved here in August.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Salmon Days

The football players and cheerleaders marched in the salmon days parade. Ben decided after finding that out he will be playing football next fall. We will see how that goes.

Football and Cheerleading

This year we had Sim and Sol doing Issaquah youth football, Hannah doing Cheer and Chase playing on the 9th grade team at Issaquah High School. We had a good year. Everyone had fun. Sol really came out of his shell this year. He is an animal on the field! Sim loves the game and is so strong! Hannah enjoyed cheer and was the caller, because she understands football and knew what was going on on the field. Chase loved playing for the high school and played both ways, and usually played the whole game. I am thankful the season is over. It keeps me so busy I can't even think straight.