Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chelsea and Marshall's wedding

This week has been a busy week,it was wedding week for our family. Tracy, Elle and Micah came in on Wednesday for the wedding. We had the wedding dinner on Wednesday night at Marshall's parents home. It was really nice. His mom took classes to make authentic Mexican food. She made all of the food for the entire dinner, it was really good. She did a lot of work!On Thursday was the wedding. It was really nice. I am so happy for Chelsea, they look so happy together.After the wedding we had the reception it was in Beth and Rob's back yard it was very took half of the kids home early after Ben made some kid bleed of the trampoline. It was for the best my kids had missed naps all week and had been up late so they were winy and tired.It was the perfect day for a wedding it was beautiful out and cool. At night we were a bit chilly. I am in for trouble if I was chilly in Arizona when it was only about 75 degrees.Seth was kinda funny at the dinner and at the wedding he would hide whenever the photographer wanted the family in the pictures. At the dinner he was laying in the grass with the dog. I think he is going to miss Chelsea.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


The past week or so has been very interesting for our family. Chase was offered a job in Seattle. We weren't really looking for anything, a recruiter came to him and he decided to interview. we really did'nt think much of it.A couple of days later he was offered the job.He said he needed the weekend to think about it.So we thought and prayed about it, and decided it was what we needed to do.It seems whenever you are content in your life it is time for a change, even if it's not what you want. I love my home and neighborhood.We have great friends here and our family.It is going to be difficult to leave.We are very excited Seattle is one of the prettiest places on earth. We couldn't be going to a more opposite place than here. We are all very excited . I am very scared.I have grown up here and have never really lived away.I am not outgoing, and it scares me that I will not know anybody. It will be fun and exciting but at the same time hard, we will miss everybody!Chase starts May 5th. I will be staying here till our house sells and until schools out.Chase has been traveling a lot for his job,but it is going to be hard to try to sell the house without him.Hopefully it will go fast so we don't have to be apart for to long.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Austin is home

Last Thursday was a busy day for us. My nephew Austin came home from his mission of two years in Knoxville Tennessee. I was just going to take my four younger kids that are home all day to the airport, but my older kids were so excited to see him that I got them out of school and we all went. It was fun to see him! He has gotten really tall. He is s lot taller than Chase who is 6"2. Sol had a good time waiting for him with the big boys. He always seems to gravitate to Stewart his much older cousin. We had a lot of fun and it was good to see him. It was fun to see Austin and Chelsea's fiance Marshall meet for the First time. Marshall yelled brother really loud with his arms open and gave him a big hug, it was funny.
Later that night little Chase had his final violin concert of the year. He did really good and has improved a lot since the beginning of the year. He was in the intermediate orchestra with the junior high kids, because he had already had a year and the other class for the elementary school was to easy for him. We are proud of him and all of his accomplishments.
On Friday my niece Chelsea took out her endowments. It was very nice. I am so glad I got to go. I love going to the temple it is such a calm and peaceful place. Chelsea is such a sweet and special girl. It is weird to see my sisters kids who I have known since the day they were born come home from a mission and preparing to get married. Me and my family love her and are excited to see her get married next week.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ammon at 4 months

Ammon cant do anything yet but he sure is getting big. I guess he can smile better than anyone around.

Sim is a kid of character

Every quarter at school each class gets to vote for two kids from their class that show the six pillars of character. The six pillars are caring, responsibility, trustworthiness, respect, caring and fairness. Simeon's class voted for him! His teacher said that if she got to chose she would have chose him. They have an assembly and their teacher presents them with their award.

Hannah's Haircut

Hannah has always had really long pretty hair. She had been bugging me for a while to get it cut, but I never wanted to. After I had the baby it was getting to hard for me to get up and do it every morning and it was always such a tangled mess. So after school one day we went to my friend Tiffany and we had her cut it. I Thought it was so cute I went the next day and had mine cut the same way.I do miss her long hair though I will probably grow it a little longer so it can go in a bun for ballet.

Ben's 4th Birthday Feb. 17,2008

Ben is such a funny kid. He is as tall as most 5 year olds. He is almost as tall as his older brother Sol.Ben was my runt when he was born. He was only 6 lbs. and dropped down to 5 lbs. and at a month he wasn't even back up to his birth weight. He is just a tall skinny string bean. For Ben's birthday we usually have a valentines party because it is so close to valentines day. This year we decided to do something different. We had a normal little boy party. He had his cousins and friends over for lunch and to open presents. Ben had a good day but his brothers Sol and Gid had a hard time not getting presents and not being the center of attention.

Hannah's ninth birthday' Jan. 22, 2008

This year for Hannah's birthday party we had a fake slumber party. Hannah's friends came over in there pajamas and we had lunch and watched girly movies which Hannah does not get to do very often with 6 brothers.I think her favorite gifts were her web kins.We usually get her clothes she did not seem to excited about them.Nanny and papa took her out to dinner and then shopping at Glitter box and to build a bear.She loves when she gets to go out with just nanny and papa.My mom took her and her cousin Bethany to go ice skating for her birthday. Hannah loves ice skating, manga(my mom)has taken her a few times and she seems to get better each time.

Coach Pitch

Sol got to play baseball this year he was so excited. He even got a shirt with his name on it. All of his little friends from the neighborhood were on his team. He had a lot of fun and he even got a trophy.

Ammon's Blessing Day Jan. 6th ,2008

Ammon was blessed on January 6, 2008 By his dad Chason Glenn Hawkins.It was a special day.I don't really remember all of the blessing but I remember that Ammon is so excited ti be here on earth and was so excited to come to our family.He was blessed to be a great missionary like the missionaries he was named after. Ammon from The Book of Mormon and Samuel after Samuel the laminite and His Uncle Sam who was a powerful missionary who passed away last year.Ammon has such a sweet spirit and seems eager to be big like his older siblings. He has such acute little smile and he melts my heart. We are so happy he came to us.

Puppy Jammies

Gideon loves puppies. His room is puppy dogged themed. For his birthday we got him some puppy Jammies. He loves them he insists on wearing them every night. In middle of the day he asks to wear them. I have to sneak them to wash them.They are his favorite things. For Christmas we got Ammon matching puppy jammies, Gid thought it was the coolest.

Christmas 2007

On Christmas morning we get up and open our presents. The kids take turns opening there presents one at a time so we can all see what they get. It probably drives them crazy but that is how we did it in; my family.We usually go from the youngest to the oldest since the little guys are impatient.After all the big gifts are open they can all open there stockings at the same time at what ever pace they want.We really don't have any traditions on Christmas day we just hang around the house and rest and let the kids play with there new toys. Dad is usually putting together all of the toys . Our parents come over to see what all of the kids got. My parents try to come early enough to watch them open some presents.

Christmas Eve 2007

On Christmas Eve we go to Nanny and Papa's house to have dinner. Before we go the kids get to open there Christmas Jammie's. We usually go to the party in our Jammie's so when we are done we are ready for bed.Nanny always makes prime rib and smokey scalloped potatoes and of course her homemade rolls.After dinner the kids do a nativity. This year Ammon got to be baby Jesus because he was the youngest.Hannah was the narrator,Chase played a violin solo,Sim was a wise man,Sol.Ben and Gid were Shepherd boys.After the nativity papa took the kids on a scavenger hunt to find there presents. It was a lot of fun as usual.