Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Ball

Bens second year of Basketball and Gid's first. They both loved it. They are also the tallest kids by far in their age group.


After church one Sunday while we where all changing and hanging up our church clothes Sam fell and hit his head on the corner of his crib. He cut open his head, chase took him to the urgent care and they glued it shut. Since he is so pale it looks like a pretty bad scar, but I am sure it will eventually fade.

Sam's First Birthday

I can not believe that my baby is ONE! This year has flown buy. Sam is such a sweet baby. He likes to mimik noises of what you say. He is a pretty smart little guy. He knows what sets of Ammon and Emma and loves to tease them. He steels their piggies and girraffees and runs away with them laughing. Sam gets into everything! He loves cupbourds, trash cans toilets, drawers and anything he can get into and tear apart.Sam is a smiler. Sam has the prettiest blonde curly hair. It looks like he has a mullut because he sleeps on his tummy so on the sides of his head where it rubs it goes bald. I still cant bring myself to cutting those cute little flickers off. Sam is 20 lbs. He loves anything you will feed him and loves his bottles. Sam just learned how to go down the stairs by himself. He is a sweet little man and we are trying to keep him a baby as long as we possibly can.