Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Sam had another seizure yesterday. That makes three in 10 days. His Doctor sent us to Seattle Childrens Hospital. Chase is out of town in Africa. I freeked out and didn't want to drive so I called my friend Julie and she was already on her way there to help someone else, so she turned around and came and got us. I am so thankful she was able to do that, I was in no shape to drive. My other friend Janna came over and stayed with the other kids and was there when the others got home from school. They observed him and checked him out, we where there for about 5 hours. He seems perfectly fine and happy when he is not having one. Since he is already scheduled for an EEG tomorrow morning we just kept that appointment. I am really nervous and scared. I don't want to be doing this on my own. I really wish that Chase was here. I hope everything goes ok. I love my little Sammy and I am worried about him.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sam is 6 months old

Sam is so big! He is 17 lbs. and also in the 25% for weight. I feel like he is huge but I guess not that big. Sam rolls around every where and we always find him under the couch. He is a smiley happy baby. Today while nursing Sam had two seizures. it freeked me out. I was so scared. He will be having tests next week. For now we are watching him closely. I don't feel like I can even put him down.

Emma is Two

Emma weighs 25 lbs. She is in the 25 percentile. Emma is a funny little thing. She wants her shoes on from the second she gets up until she goes to bed. Sometimes when I go in to wake her, she already has them on. She always says "shoes on" Emma loves to read books, just like her older sister. She will sit on ;her bed for hours reading books. Emma loves her loopsy dolls, and her baby dolls. It is so fun to have a little girl they are so different than boys.

First day of school

Chase first year of High School as a freshman. Hannah 7th grade. Sim 5th grade. Sol 3rd grade. Ben 2nd grade. Finally last but not least Giddy started Kindergarten!


Emma's 2nd birthday and Sol's 9th birthday

We did a joint party for Emma and Sol before we left AZ. The inside was a lala loopsy party for Em and outside was a water slide swimming party for Sol. It was a lot of fun. The best part was the fun I had with Shellie making the cakes and bowes and all the decorations for the party.