Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This past weekend was my marathon. It was such a fun weekend! Drew, Amy, Merek, Beth and Seth flew in on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday we went to the expo and got our numbers and all of our gear for the marathon. I was so nervous for days! I couldn't sleep and was so scared. Friday we went to pick up Chase's shirt and number, because he had paid for it. After that we went to Macaroni Grill to "carb load" and Chase decided he was going to still do the half marathon even though he had to stop running a month earlier because of his knee. So now I was nervous for both of us. After trying to sleep I only got about 2 hours of sleep. I felt a little calmer Saturday morning. We drove into Seattle and had to get a shuttle to Tukwilla where the race started. There where 30,000 runners they divided us up into groups of 700 according to our estimated finish time. Then they started us in waves so we all didn't trample each other. I didn't start till 40 min. after the first group. The first part was so fun and easy. There was people every where! The streets where lined with bands and people cheering. I really enjoyed myself at the beginning. At mile 9 we split off from the 1/2 and ran on a floating bridge for about 2 mile and then we joined back up with the half around mile 12 for us. That is when it got hard for me. All the people doing the half where almost done and they all looked like they where having a party. I was so tempted to just finish the half and be done. I even called Chase and told him I wanted to quit, he told me to keep going so I did. I figured if he was doing the half without training I should be able to finish with all of my training. I got back into my groove and I finished my half at 2:21, and I was a couple of miles ahead of the 5 hour pacer. So I thought I would probably finish before 5 hours. I was doing good until about mile 17. Around mile 14 It started a hill that did not finish until mile 19. It was a killer. It mentally and physically tore me down! I saw Beth at mile 17 for me and she was headed back and was around mile 20. I talked to her and said I am just trying to not cry. She told me she already had. From mile 17 till 21 I walked and it was the slowest walk. I could not move and was cramping up horribly. I talked to Chase around mile 20 he was already done and said he would talk to me all the way in if I needed him to. Around mile 21 I got a second wind and was able to run to mile 24. At 24 both of my entire legs felt like a had Charley horses. My friend from the ward is a nurse and was working the aid station at 24 and she gave salt packets and water which help the cramps. I was surprised at how well it worked. She then walked with me for about 1/2 a mile. I was so glad she was there, I needed some encouragement! I was able to start running again and the last block Hannah got to run through the finish line with me. I finished in 5:38, the last 2 miles took me 33 minutes. That is how slow my pace was at the end. I am so happy I finished! Looking back I feel like I could have done better, but in the moment it was so tough. Mentally I broke down about 3 times, and when that would happen my body would follow. It is amazing at what you can push your self through. Overall it was a great experience and feel like I learned a lot and that if I do it again I can push harder, because I know what to expect and I know that I can do it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day to Chase and both of our dads! We started the day off with breakfast in bed and presents. Then off to church, at church little Chase got set apart as the Deacons quorum first counciler.After church we all had a good nap. I hope Chase had a great day. He is a wonderful man and father, and I am blessed that he is my husband.


life here is a bit different for us. The kids were used to running around a neighborhood where they knew everybody and had unlimited amount of friends to play with. We are really secluded where we live, and there are not many boys even in the ward that are their ages. They always ask if they can play and I say "who would you play with" they reply I don't know. I have really had to enforce that they are so lucky that they get to live with there best friends. Whenever I say this they get this confused look and say "who?" I reply "your brothers, think of all those kids who only have one sibling or none and how bored they have to be" I am not sure they are buying it yet , maybe someday.

Emma 9 Months

Emma is still being sweet. She is about 18 lbs. Still has tiny feet. No teeth, No crawling, No walking. Emma does move around a bit more, but loves being on her moms lap bossing her around. Emma loves to click her tongue and she thinks she can talk. Emma tried bannans and apple juice for the first time this week . She has not been interested in food before, but liked it this time. I love Emma and I am so happy she is mine.

Dress Up

Ever since we got our new camera the kids think the old one is for them. Whenever I find it,and download the pictures I find the most random stuff. It looks like sometime while Chase was babysitting, the kids decided to play dress up. Or at least Chase,Gid, and Beans did. Boys do like to play dress up.


This year Hannahs Ballett studio put on Sleeping Beauty.Hannah was in the wedding party. For her lyrical recital she danced to the song "Eleanor Rigby" By the Beatles.