Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ammon's Kindrgarten Veterans Day Program

Ammon and his class got to sing for the Veterans day program at school. He was so cute!

Simeon is 13

Simeon is officially a teenager. He was so excited for this birthday. When our kids turn 13 they get there cell phones. He has been studying which kind to get and could not wait. He thinks he is pretty big stuff now. Sim is a good kid. The best way to describe him is just good. He loves his little brothers and sister. He always will take care of Emma and Sam. You will usually see him carrying around a kid. Everyone is always impressed with how good he is with kids. Sim is a funny guy, or at least he and his dad thinks he is funny. Simeon loves music! He plays the violin and has always been interested in music. He has a great singing voice but he doesn't sing for people. He plays football, wrestles and plays basketball. Sim is a natural athlete and has great skills! Simeon can tell you anything about sports. He gets up  every morning at 6 just so he can watch Sports Center before school, as soon as he gets home from school it is back on. He has a great memory and knows everything about any football or basketball team and there players. We love Sim and it is fun to watch him grow up. Simeon also had an orchestra concert this week so I am going to add photos and video from that.

Gideon's 8th Birthday and Baptism

Gid is such a sweet boy. He comes across as so shy, however if you know him he is crazy! He is not a talker, he likes short one word answers for everything. He is a big strong kid, but very soft and tender hearted. A funny story about Gid. Last year Sim started wrestling for the first time. I thought it would be fun to take all the boys to watch. We where sitting there in the bleachers and I just glanced over to check on everyone. I noticed Gid was turned around backwards with his head down in his lap. I asked him what was wrong and he was crying. He said " why would they do that, I never want to wrestle!" Gid loves to do art and help with any work that you are doing. It is the best time to talk to him, you can get him to open up the most when he is working with you. Gid got baptized yesterday on November 9th. It was a big baptism, there where 9 other kids getting baptized that day. When they had the kids stand as they introduced them he was so shy he looked down put his hand in the air did a little wave and sat down. Also when he was getting baptized he didn't want to plug his nose, he said he didn't need to do that, so he put his hand on his chest instead. It was such a sweet day. Gideon is a soft shy kid but is a LION of a spirit! We love our sweet little Giddy!

Halloween 2013

This year for Halloween Hannah was Robin, Sim was Batman, Sol was Harry Potter, Ben made his own costume and went as the Lone Ranger, Gideon was a football player, Ammon was Peter Pan, Emma was a ghost and Sam wore the Rino and now it will retire. Sim was the first to wear it and 6 of the 7 all wore it.

Homecoming 2013

Chase is finally sixteen, so he got to go to his first Homecoming dance. He took Hayley Nye. He played in the homecoming game the night before. He did a great job, and Grandma and Grandpa where here to watch.  Hannah was nominated as one of the homecoming princesses. She had a fun weekend full of activities. She went to the dance with a group of her girlfriends. (they do that here) Chase looked very handsome and Hannah was beautiful. Hannah asked me to do her hair and makeup. It was fun to be able to do that for her, she hasn't let me do that since about the 4th grade.