Sunday, August 28, 2011

4th of July

For the fourth we had a big blow up water slide in the back yard, swimming, barbeque and our own little fire works show at night in the front yard. On the last day of school Chases best friend Colelman moved to Chicago. His famile is also from AZ and was down for a week and he spent the fourth and a lot of the week with us. It was good to see him, but we are so sad he has moved!

Samson's Blessing Day

Samson Charles Hawkins was blessed on his three month Bday. We waited until we where in AZ so the family could all be there. It was a nice day. Sam cried through the whole thing. He is my only kid that has done that. I knew he would he wont take a binkie or anything, he will suck my thumb sometimes but no one elses. I think papa and uncle Brady tried but he didn't want anything to do with it. After the blessing we went to nannies and had all of the family over for lunch.

Arizona Summer

We spent another Six weeks in Arizona this summer. It was a nice laid back summer. We swam a lot, went to movies, and played Rook all summer long. It is great that we can spend so much time there with our families and the kids can stay close to their cousins. At the beginning of summer my younger kids where timid around the pool by the end Gideon could swim on his own and Ammon and Emma where pretty good with their floaties. We also returned home blond and tan. Even though it is so hot in AZ in July and August now that I don't live there I can appreciate the sun and the heat.